Aaron DeLay

Producer, Editor, Host: Nerds by Screenlight, The County Gamers

Aaron has been creating audio podcasts for the better part of 15 years - from BlogTalkRadio to YouTube to WordPress and back again.  He is a teacher in Fort Morgan, CO, and currently works at Lincoln High School as an English Langauge Arts teacher.  He is a writer, a vlogger, a lover of fantastic food, and loves to read.

James Brown

Host: Nerds by Screenlight

James Brown lives and works in Fort Morgan.  He is a former teacher, and plays online games with friends, has done his share of D&D, and loves everything nerd and geek in the world.  He also loves coffee.  COFFEE.

Chris Sherrill

Host: The County Gamers

Chris Sherril lives and works in Fort Morgan.  He is an IT specialist, YouTube Streamer who hails from the South with an accent to match. He loves computer games, he loves talking about them and he loves finding new games to play.  He also loves scary games.