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We started in 2018 with just "adeLayed teacher" podcast. Now in 2022 we're recording weekly three regular podcasts with an eye for more to come! Click below to see information about our shows. Want to podcast with us? Click on the menu in the upper left corner and select "Apply to Podcast!"
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Nerds by Screen Light Ep 23 – Galaxy Quest

Aaron, James, and Vicki are in the Home Studio talking about one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time – Galaxy Quest!  Come for the debate about the best…

a deLayed Teacher & Company Ep 22

Aaron is back in the teacher podcast world talking about the curriclum and content he’s been working on building over the last two years.  He focuses in on “Warm Bodies”…

The County Gamers Ep 17 – The Games We’re Playing & The Games We Don’t

Aaron and Chris are in the home studio talking about the games we play and the games we don’t.  Additional discussion around D&D and more!

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