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We started in 2018 with just "adeLayed teacher" podcast. Now in 2022 we're recording weekly three regular podcasts with an eye for more to come! Click below to see information about our shows. Want to podcast with us? Click on the menu in the upper left corner and select "Apply to Podcast!"
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Nerds by Screen Light Ep 20 – The Batman Review & Discussion

We made it to episode 20!  We open up talking about food and hole in the walls before we shift into The Batman and the discussion.  We touch on the…

a deLayed writer Ep 2 – “Blocked”

Back once more to the writing desk and talking about what happens when you get blocked as a writer – because I did, and it hurt like heck.  I walk…

The County Gamers Ep 12 – Detroit, Technology, and Feeling

This episode was uploaded earlier today (8/2/22) with only the first part!  So here we are with the full and complete episode!  We talk about Detroit Being Human, the power…

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